First Week of School

Classes are in session. Practice has officially started. Workouts start on Monday. I’m totally moved into my new place. My mom still isn’t speaking to me. I’m still blogging for the company I interned for this summer ( The ball is rolling!!

So today was the second day of qualifying. As a member of the Women’s Golf Team here at the University of Florida, I’m one of seven players, and only five travel to tournaments. Thus, we qualify to see who will be traveling and competing. After two days of horrid golf, it’s starting to look like I’m the one sitting out.

I can’t really express what that feels like. Granted, I have one more day of qualifying (Monday), but I’m still pretty upset/disappointed. The last couple days have been really hard on me. I came back to school, started grinding on my golf game, and expected to really have a fresh start. However, I totally recognize the sick feeling in my stomach. I felt like this all last year when I was struggling.

When are things going to turn around for me? I realize golf is a game of hard work and patience…but I could use a break sometime.

Our first official tournament is in Charleston, SC. We’re playing in the Cougar Classic, September 12-14. You can watch the live scoring at


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