Back to School Terror

I must say, I am absolutely terrified of going back to school. Now while this may sound a little odd, as most college students can’t wait to get back to school after spending the summer with their parents, my situation is a little bit different. My mother recently disowned me and ran halfway across the country…that’s a bit of a long story though. With your attention span in mind I will say this: my mother and I no longer speak and my boyfriend’s family has completely taken me as one of their own.

I spent the summer living with my boyfriend’s mom (who is awesome), working two jobs (finally tasting independence), and practicing golf (Florida is so flippin hot) to get ready for tournament season. Now that classes start in a little more than two weeks, I’m not going to lie, I am unshakably terrified.

I’m finally living in a household where I can’t wait to get home. I finally have people around me that constantly tell me they love me and support everything I do. I’m finally in a place where I answer to no one but my own moral standards. When I go back to school, I will be totally alone.

Tyler (my boyfriend) will be staying down here in South Florida for his career, and I’m just going to sputter through my last two years of college and then…well…I actually don’t even know yet. It’s just very odd when I anticipate the coming weeks. Especially since my mom lived with me last year (unfortunately), so she was always around. When I wasn’t with her I was with Tyler (dependency problem? maybe?), so like, what do I do now?


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