Twitter Actwivity

I recently decided to delve into this whole Twitter shebang. Simply because I have written so many posts about the successful use of Twitter for Vesta Digital that I had to try it out for myself, and the results were immediately incredible. I wanted to be able to user Twitter to help me with some of my research about social media and social media marketing. So I logged on to my dusty old Twitter account that is setup to automatically retweet my blog posts from Vesta Digital, and found every person or company that had anything to do with Social Media, Blogging, or Search Engine Optimization and clicked “Follow.”

Within two or three hours, I had about 50 emails saying new people (all within the industry I was focusing on) were following me on Twitter. Not only that but now when I visit my Twitter page, I have hundreds of tweets and retweets about these particular topics I am researching. Needless to say, I decided I should probably start tweeting some relevant information myself, to contribute to the massive horde of tweets on social media, blogging, and search engine optimization.

If you choose to do this yourself, be aware that you may catch the attention of many spammers out there, so just pay attention to who you decide to follow as well.


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